The Incredible Desk


The Art of Showing Value

When I was growing up, we had an incredible desk in the basement. The desk was solid wood with at least six layers of paint. Patches of yellow, green, gray and cream paint plus the brown wood showed through chips and years of wear. I thought it was beautiful.

After dinner each night, my dad would disappear to work at the incredible desk the basement. By day, he was a full-time meat cutter, and in the evenings, he was starting his own insurance agency. I used to listen to him, so confident as he made calls, asked questions, took notes and set appointments. What I didn’t realize at the time – but fully do now – my dad was cold-calling. He was organized, methodical and consistent. The perfect combination.

When I asked him about it recently, he told me that he used to go through the telephone book a page at a time and ask about insurance renewal dates. No mention of company history or price. Just a simple question. After the call, he would note the renewal date and schedule his next call for a time when he knew he could add value. Then, you guessed it, he’d FOLLOW-UP.

With dedication and consistency (not to mention hard work), he built an impressive book of business. It wasn’t long before he moved from the incredible desk in the basement into his own office in the city, making insurance his full-time job.

I stripped the numerous layers of paint years ago and that incredible desk now sits in my office. It serves as a reminder that I have to show up, be organized, methodical and consistent so that I can add value when my clients need it most.

And you know what? I still think it’s beautiful.

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