Avoid the Exit

Mapping Your Customer Journey

I’m back in Michigan and recently traveled to an area that I hadn’t visited in several years. Typical for this time of year, it had snowed overnight and was absolutely beautiful. Pure Michigan! I knew the general vicinity, but had not yet been to this new client location.

Snow covered sign

As I drove on that snowy morning, I was thankful for the tireless crews that cleared the roads for the thousands of drivers in transit. While I usually trust my navigational system, I always try to validate my route through the road signs. The roads were clear of snow and salted to remove ice, but the road signs were covered in snow and I could not read them.

This got me thinking about how we guide our clients through each interaction with us. We are so familiar with our teams, tools and processes that it we often forget to evaluate the experience from the client’s perspective. While we may think the message is clear and the engagement path free of obstacles, there may be parts that cause delays, confusion or even detours and exits.

  • Have you defined an experience to help clients navigate and engage with your business?
  • Is the path paved and free of obstacles?
  • Is the message clear to guide and validate each step?

Mapping the customer journey isn’t a one-and-done exercise. (Think about the road crews who remove snow and monitor the roads.) It takes consistency and dedication to your brand, clients and prospects.

How clear is the journey for your customers?

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