Growing your business requires more than a great story – it takes Moxie.


It all started on a boat. Kind-of.

While watching her daughter struggle to spread out a towel despite the wind, my friend, Cyndi, asked her, “What’s your goal?”

Thinking it was obvious – she’s spreading the towel to lie down – I asked Cyndi what she meant. She said, “If I understand her goal and what she’s trying to do, then I can help her.”

It turns out, her daughter was trying to fold the towel to use it as a pillow. And yes – Cyndi helped her meet that goal. She’s a great mom and friend, by the way.

What’s Your Goal?

Those three words summarized what I had been applying to business development and technology marketing for nearly two decades. It’s impossible to get to a destination if you haven’t defined it, right?

At Moxie Vantage, we seek to understand where you are today, where you want to be – then devise an actionable and goal-based process to get you there. We call it Goal-Based Engagement.

I’m Theresa Goodreau, founder of Moxie Vantage LLC. Our passion is helping entrepreneurial leaders take a brave look at their business to gain the clarity that drives customer delight, goal-based financial results and greater satisfaction throughout the entire business. We consider it a privilege to work with savvy entrepreneurial teams who have built amazing software, distribution channels, global apps, managed services, integrated technology solutions, retail locations, franchises, and more!

We started as a boutique consulting firm focused primarily on goal-based sales enablement and marketing strategies. We soon discovered that our clients needed more from us.

In our discovery sessions, we heard similar stories from different entrepreneurs. In addition to the predictable desire to grow profits, many of our clients voiced how their business had reached a plateau and they were not sure how to take it to the next level. Others shared frustrations due to declining customer referrals and internal disconnects between sales, marketing, and operations. More shared comments about their processes and how what used to work, well, just doesn’t anymore. Many leaders were looking for ideas to “jump-start” and “reenergize” their teams to make running the business more enjoyable.

While sales enablement and marketing strategies often play a role in resolving some of these challenges, they didn’t address the full picture.

The good news? We utilize a complete set of proven and practical tools that align with our goal-based approach. We’ve formalized a process that supports the methods we’ve been using for years.

The even better news? We are helping our clients get more from their businesses. Let Moxie Vantage help you take a brave look at your entire business to achieve goal-based results and greater satisfaction.

What Moxie is Made Of

With honesty and integrity at the center of everything we do, our core values include:


Be Goal-Driven

We clearly define where we're going and use a process-driven plan to get there.

Be Curious

We ask questions. We listen. We learn at every opportunity.

Be Transparent

We're open in our communication, pricing, and approach. You always know where we stand.

Be Infectiously Optimistic

We're realists, but we can always find the good.

Be a Fanatical Advocate

We invest our time, mindshare and resources to help our clients and communities grow personally and professionally.

Be Fiscally Responsible

We apply our goal-based approach to fiscal responsibility so we can give more and help others.

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